Stain Resistant

If you have boys like mine, when they spill water, juice, chocolate milk on the shirt, you can wipe it away with a paper towel. For thicker sauces like ketchup or barbeque sauce, rinse it under the water quickly as it got on the shirt and there won't be any stains left on the shirt.

Iron Free

Nobody has time for ironing a little boy's shirt. Nihao shirts are iron free. You can machine wash and dry them, pull them out of the dryer and put them directly on your boys.

Premium Comfort

The fabric of the shirt is made up of a proprietary blend of polyester, viscose and spandex after rounds of research and testing.  It is so soft and breathable and it has a bit of a stretch as well. All the information of the shirt is printed, removing the need for any tags.

Slim and Longer Fit

Nihao shirts have an overall slim fit and are 1 inch longer than any other boys white dress shirts you can find on the market. This extra length combined with the stretchy fabric will ensure the shirt stay tucked in while your boys play.

Normal and French Cuffs

To make it fun, I've added an option to wear cufflinks with Nihao shirts! You can choose normal or French cuffs. Your boy(s) will love wearing the shirt with the cufflinks of their choice, whether it's their favorite sports or superhero!

Our Story

  • "You need to know that we came home to change and Jensen said 'why? I don't want to change.' This has never happened before EVER, he always wants to change immediately. This is a literal miracle. My husband said 'tell your friend we want to order 500 of those shirts!'"

    - Victoria L

  • "Okay these shirts are amazing! My boys are in love with them! The boys thought the cufflinks were the coolest things they have ever seen! Henry says he feels like a super spy in them lol"

    -Katie W

  • Finally a button up shirt, my kids won't fight me to wear! These shirts are incredible. The fabric is so soft with no itcy tags. It fits my son perfectly, and was long enough to not become untucked the second he started moving around. Also, the fact that they are stain resistant is a major plus!

    - Katie E

  • My favorite shirts of ALL TIME!

    - Boonties

  • These shirts are great. They seem really high quality and I like the fit.

    - Rose C

  • These shirts are so soft and high quality. The fit worked so well for my 3 and 5 year old and we love the length so they can stay tucked in and looking nice.

    - Suzy W